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ROI-Driven Strategy Development

A well constructed social media strategy is a data-driven process. We talk to you about your business, set measurable goals and carry out an audience audit to identify the most effective ways to bring the lion’s share of profitable customers to you.

Once built, the strategy will outline the methods we will use to attract optimal customers and engage existing ones. We will also define the type of visual design and copy to be used.

Sophisticated Content Creation

At the content creation phase, we introduce you to your very own experienced social media manager. As a direct point of call, your account manager will oversee the design of impactful images and captivating copy that combine to tell the story that your most valued customers care most about.

You will also be provided with content calendars, this allows you to approve content before it goes live.

Customer Base Growth

Social media platforms are a hugely effective medium to target users who might not necessarily be looking for your specific product or service but who will be interested in it. Using high-end data tools we can target potential customers according to their interests, location and online activity — expanding audience reach and brand awareness to create new customers.

Performance Analysis and Reports

We analyze the metrics of each post and ad campaign and update you with clear, comprehensive reports on their performance. This analysis also yields expert insights for the optimization of future posts and ad campaigns.

Analysis of advertising effectiveness

Analysis of advertising effectiveness

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