Your expert partner for strategic market intelligence

Planning to start a new business? Perhaps you are struggling to identify your target users or increase sales? Our systematic research will form the integral foundation of your marketing strategy. It will determine the best practices to engage target customers and distinguish the strengths that differentiate you from competitors — giving you the answers to invest with confidence. 

We are ready to help you achieve the ROI you expect.

To equip you with a deep understanding of your business environment, the marketplace and customers within it,  we carry out quantitative and qualitative customer surveys and competitor analysis. 

Our service includes

  • Market overview and key trends.
  • Market size measurement: ratio of imports to domestic output.
  • Identification of target segment and positioning capabilities.
  • Target user research: identifying the most lucrative channels.
  • Interviews with market experts and potential clients.
  • Interviews with existing customers to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Competitive benchmarking. 
  • Clearly prepared reports and recommendations for further action.