We source the right partners to accelerate your international business growth

The right trade partner is a key to success when entering a new international market. Searching for suitable strategic partners can be a time-consuming endeavor. With our extensive experience in leveraging high-quality market research, we efficiently identify, assess and connect you with the export partners who will drive your business growth. 

Our export partner search involves

  • Meeting with you and getting to know your product or service in-depth.
  • Working with you to set the criteria for the selection of potential partners.
  • Designing a digital product brochure for your company.
  • Selecting potential partners according to criteria (25–30 companies).
  • Providing company information about each prospect (activity, turnover, employees and other data). 
  • Creating a list of potential partners with you.
  • Contacting selected companies and presenting your product or service. 
  • Submitting companies’ responses to you in written form.
  • Organizing meetings with companies who are interested in cooperation.