We recruit quality influencers to sell the story of your brand

Creating stunning ROI-focused advertising campaigns with the help of reputable celebrities and influencers, we increase the popularity and visibility of your brand on social networks.

Your influencer advertising campaign, step-by-step

To get the most from your influencer marketing campaign, we talk to you, define your objectives and the audience you want to target. We also share our expertise on how to convey your brand message successfully.

Identify the Right Influencers

We select celebrities and influencers that are the most suitable for your brand’s target audience.

Analyze Influencers’ Values and Follower Quality

We audit follower and ‘like’ numbers, follower growth, influencer content quality, and the authenticity of followers (detecting any fake followers/bots). Based on our findings, we choose only the highest quality influencers for your campaigns.

Approach Influencers

Professionally presenting your brand and your values, the campaign, and objectives, we negotiate the terms and set up a contract with the selected influencer.

Executing the Campaign

While coordinating the entire advertising campaign process, we keep you up to date during its progress.

Audit Campaign Outcome

We measure the performance of the campaign according to follower growth, engagement (likes, comments, reposts), the quality of posts and the impact of the influencer. This analysis will yield valuable insights allowing us to optimize the performance of future campaigns.